05 June 2011

This Is the Face of My Genealogy

Here are two of my favorite photos.

This is Otto Dinkel and Helena (Lena) Winter, my maternal grandparents.

This next photo represents one of my "Aha!" moments. The younger man is my father (Lester Johnson's) graduation photo and the guy with the awesome beard is my dad's great-grandfather Isaac Armfield. Look at their similar appearance. The acorn didn't fall too far from this particular tree, did it?

This is being posted in response to the GeneaBloggers post on June 5. The genealogical blogging community rose en masse to protest LA Weekly's publication of an offensive illustration accompanying an otherwise very nice announcement about Jamboree. After editors received an astounding number of complaints from around the country, they replaced the photo with a graphic of the Jamboree app within hours.

Thank you to everyone for your support.