19 September 2009

A Festival of Postcards

Here's my submission for the Blog Carnival: A Festival of Postcards.

This is one of my favorite post cards. This is a "Happy New Year" card from Denmark. The coins are embossed with gold.

We found this in a trunk in my grandmother, Bessie Mabel Mathena Johnson's, basement when she died 12 Aug 1976. The trunk held the belongings of Alfred Amfield Johnson's first wife, Minnie (Wilhelmina Christina) Rose. Alfred and Minnie were married on 2 Feb 1912 and Minnie died 3 June 1912.

This post card, and the translation from Danish, led me to identify Minnie's family and filled in some of the questions about Minnie. Until we found the trunk, we did not know that Grandpa Johnson had been married before.


It just never came up.


  1. This is such a great postcard - and the first one in the Festival of Postcards with Danish text!
    Thanks for taking part in the October Quadrupeds issue, and I'll drop you a line when it's published.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. I never knew great-grandpa Johnson was married before, I guess it just never came up:) Lucky for us he remarried after what must have been a heartbreaking loss. Thank for sharing, love you bunches-Bobbi

  3. I can understand why it would be one of your favourites - it's wonderful! And especially so with the story attached.